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Lead Paint Inspections RI

The Importance of Lead Paint Inspections

Lead paint is well known to be harmful to children but can also be toxic to adults. With much of Rhode Island's housing stock consisting of older and historic properties lead paint inspections are an important service for many of our clients.

Using an XRF Nitron Analyzer, Hearthstone's lead paint inspectors will be able to inform our clients where lead paint exits on the interior and exterior of a home, even if the lead paint is covered with layers of newer, non-leaded paint. The XRF machine is often referred as an "X-ray machine" for it's ability to analyze through layers of paint.

Identification of where the lead paint is located on the property is just the beginning of the service provided by the inspector, however. Evaluating the condition of the paint, and identifying immediate or potential dangers, and explaining the options for remedies to these concerns, are also important parts of the service.

Any home built prior to 1978, has the potential to have lead paint.

Any home built prior to 1978, when lead paint was banned by the federal government, has the potential to have lead paint. Our lead paint inspectors are often called on to identify lead paint in the many historic homes in towns such as Providence, Newport, Bristol, Warren, Cranston, Wickford, Pawtucket and Warwick but also are providing this service throughout the State with homes ranging in age from 300 years old down to 35 years old. Often our clients just feel better knowing where the lead paint is or if there is any at all.

Reliable Lead Paint Inspections

Hearthstone Home Inspections offers Lead Paint Inspections in Rhode Island, by inspectors licensed by the State of Rhode Island, and can refer reliable and licensed inspectors for nearby Massachusetts. Detailed reports are provided in a timely manner after the inspection and follow up questions are always responded to quickly.

(Note: There is an additional fee for a Lead Paint Inspection.)