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Mold Inspections RI & MA

Many homes have some amount of mold.

It may just be moldy caulking in the bathroom or more concerning instances such as mold behind finished walls in the basement or on the roof sheathing in the attic. Moisture is always the underlying cause of mold growth and, as homes have become "tighter" with more insulation and weather proofing material used in construction and remodeling, moisture can accumulate due to inadequate ventilation. Of course, quite often the excessive moisture causing mold growth is the result of water leaks from plumbing problems, roof or siding issues or seepage into the basement.

Hearthstone Home Inspections offers a Mold Inspection as part of the additional services available to our client. The mold inspector will perform a visual inspection of the house and then take samples to be sent to a laboratory.

One of the most valuable benefits of working with a mold inspector is the recommendations for correction of any mold found in the home. This information is helpful when deciding if mold can be cleaned by the homeowner, or if the services of a professional mold remediation contractor are needed.

The EPA has an online brochure for homeowners concerning mold and mold cleanup: which provides recommendations when it comes to deciding how to address mold issues.

There are no Federal or State Regulations or Certifications for Mold Inspectors, though there are many private companies which offer official sounding Certifications for a fee.

Our mold inspectors have years of experience and expertise to properly guide our clients.

(Note: There is an additional fee for a Mold Inspection.)