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Septic Inspections RI

Approximately one third of all homes in Rhode Island rely on septic systems and these systems are an important, and expensive, component for homeowners who do not have the option of connecting to a municipal sewer system.

Hearthstone's Inspectors routinely inspect conventional septic systems (in Rhode Island only, not Massachusetts due to Title 5). Inspectors conduct a standard flow test into the system, following the Rhode Island State guideline of flowing 75 gallons per bedroom into the system.

The purpose of the flow test is to make sure the septic's drain field (also called leach field) or galley system is able to absorb water as designed. During the flow test the inspector observes the water level in the tank to make sure there are no back-ups of the system.

Inspection of the septic also involves looking for signs of previous backups or any other concern with the exposed areas of the tank or other visible components. Also determined during the inspection is whether there is a need for routine maintenance, such as pumping or cleaning of the effluent filter.

Cesspools are antiquated systems which are required to be replaced by Rhode Island law upon the transfer of any property.

(Note: There is an additional fee for a Septic Inspection.)