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Termite Inspections RI & MA

A Termite Inspection, also known as a Wood Destroying Insect Inspection, is so important for a home purchaser that we automatically include this service in our Home Inspection fee. This inspection includes any insect which damage or destroy wood, namely Termites, Carpenter Ants, Powder Post Beetles and Wood Boring Bees.

Termites and Carpenter Ant infestations are common in Southern New England.

Termite infestations are infamously difficult to detect so a trained eye is crucial to locating any visible evidence of the little home wreckers. Carpenter ant infestations are usually more apparent, especially if there are a lot of ants crawling around the house, but this is not always the case. Sometimes these pests keep a low profile while causing damage. Our inspectors are trained to know where to look and what signs to look for with Carpenter Ant problems.

Other Infestations

Powder Post Beetle infestations are very common with older houses, especially in houses built prior to wood being kiln dried. The heat of the kiln drying process kills the larvae alive in the tree when it is cut down. Evidence of Powder Post Beetles includes small pin-hole sized holes in wood framing, especially in the basement or crawlspace, and piles of powder under wood framing. Powder Post Beetles work relatively slowly compared to Termites and Carpenter Ants but, if left untreated, can cause significant damage.

Wood Boring Bees are the size of large bumble bees and are known to cause significant damage to exterior trim and siding. They usually hover outside their nesting area and can dive bomb people who get too close to their nest.

Hearthstone Home Inspections will conduct a thorough Wood Destroying Insect Inspection during the Home Inspection and will point out and explain any evidence of these insects during the Inspection.

(Note: There is an additional fee for a Termite Inspection.)