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Water Analysis RI

Owning a house with a private well requires periodic testing of the quality of the well water to insure it is free of contaminants and harmful bacteria.

This involves drawing samples from the well and having a qualified lab analyze the samples and provide a written report. Hearthstone Home Inspections is qualified to draw samples and ensure they are delivered to a laboratory licensed by the State of Rhode Island.

Most labs offer a vast array of options for testing. Of course, the lab fees increase or decrease depending on how extensive an analysis is done. The most basic sample is for bacteria, but the options for analysis expand to over 75 different chemicals, metals, minerals, possible contaminants and other parameters.

Deciding what to test the well water for often comes down to the associated costs for many home buyers, but the Rhode Island Department of Health has specific recommendations and requirements for private wells, including requirements for property transfers. However, as of yet, these requirements are not enforced in any way, nor is it clear who is responsible for the fees, so most clients are guided by their own preference or mortgage requirements when choosing the extent of testing.

Hearthstone Home Inspections will gladly provide information from our preferred and licensed laboratories concerning options available to our clients.

(Note: There is an additional fee for a Water Quality Analysis.)