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Well Flow Tests RI

Owning a home with a private well has benefits and possible drawbacks.

No more bills from the Providence Water Supply Board, the Kent County Water Authority or any other local water distribution authority is certainly a welcome relief for homeowners. However, the home's private well is relied on for all of the water supply into the house and it must consistently produce enough water to run a household. Wells have equipment which must be maintained and periodically updated or replaced and wells are counted on to produce enough water no matter the weather or climatic conditions.

Hearthstone Home Inspections offers Well Flow Tests as part of services available to clients purchasing a home in Rhode Island or Massachusetts with a private well.

A Well Flow Test is an examination of the well's production capability and evaluation of the well equipment, including issues regarding the sanitary factors a well owner should be concerned with.

A Well Flow Test is limited by the ability of the inspector to discover the conditions at the time of the inspection, but there are standards which are used to determine how factors like the type of well, the depth of the well, the recovery of water back into the well and the condition of the well equipment add up to determine the reasonable expectations of the well's production.

Typically, the Well Flow Test is conducted at the same time as the home inspection and takes approximately 2 and 1/2 hours. During this time the well is run constantly and factors such as the gallons per minute and the depth of the well are tracked using equipment designed for this use. The recovery of the well (how fast water runs back into the well) is the final important factor the inspector will attempt to discover. All results and recommendations are described verbally at the inspection and provided to the client in a written report.

(Note: There is an additional fee for a Well Flow Test.)