If you own a home, it’s helpful to understand the signs of structural problems. A solid foundation is essential for the safety of a building, and indications of issues should be taken seriously. Here are a few things to look for in your house.

Cracks in the Foundation are Signs of a Structural Problem

One of the signs of a problem is cracks in the foundation. Foundation cracks are often caused by settling or expansion and contraction due to temperature changes. Many types of cracks are not serious. However, call a professional for an inspection if you notice cracks or gaps wider than a quarter of an inch.

Doors That are Difficult to Open

Doors that are difficult to open or close can be due to many things, including settling, a warped frame, or even a problem with the door itself. When you notice a door is sticking or hard to open, check the hinges, door frame, and latch plate for issues. If the door is installed correctly, talk to a professional to determine if foundation shifting has led to the problem.

Signs of Structural Problems: Cracks in the Walls

Cracks in the walls are another sign that your home may have structural issues. The reasons for these cracks vary, including settling, weakened building materials, or poor construction. Some cracks are harmless and easy to repair. However, it’s best to have them inspected to determine the cause.

A Gap Between the House and the Chimney

Another sign of structural issues is a gap between the house and the chimney. The gap could be due to settling and might indicate foundation problems. When the chimney shifts or settles, it could cause damage to the brick or mortar, making it unsafe to build a fire. Call a professional if you notice a gap between your chimney and your home.

Signs of Structural Problems: Sloping Floors

One of the most apparent signs of a structural problem is sloping floors. Uneven settling, foundation problems, or poor construction techniques can contribute to this issue. Have the joists inspected for rot or water damage if your floors are uneven or sagging, and hire a professional to verify the foundation is in good condition.

If you detect any of these signs, have a professional inspect the property and assess the situation. Learn about the issues and discuss your options for repairs. Don’t take risks when it comes to the safety of your home – be informed and proactive.

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