Whether you like to tackle upgrades yourself or you prefer to hire contractors for home improvement jobs, there are several must-have tools to keep in your toolbox. A few essential tools can save you money and time, even if you aren’t a fan of DIY projects. Here are some of the tools every homeowner needs.


Hammers are at the top of the list of must-have tools and are useful for minor tasks like hanging pictures or removing nails from the wall. A claw hammer has two sides to easily install nails into hard surfaces and remove existing nails with the claw side. When choosing a hammer, purchase a sturdy tool. High-quality hammers are made from durable materials and can last a lifetime.

A Cordless Drill is One of the Tools Every Homeowner Needs

You might not find yourself reaching for a drill very often, but there is no good substitute when you need one. Cordless drills are must-have tools because they can be transported anywhere without worrying about if there is an outlet nearby. A cordless drill will be helpful when assembling furniture, hanging pictures, or creating holes in a surface to install fasteners. They are for sale in many different price points and sizes.


The best wrenches are adjustable or come in a variety of sizes. These must-have tools should match up perfectly with the bolts you are trying to turn; otherwise, you might strip the bolt and do serious damage. Purchasing a complete set of wrenches is the best way to cover all of your bases and be prepared for any project.

Nails and Screws

Those tools are virtually worthless if you have a hammer and drill but no fasteners. Purchase an assortment of screws and nails in varying lengths and types to keep in your toolbox. As you perform different projects around the house, look for the best fastener for the project. There are significant differences between drywall nails and roofing nails, for example.

Tools Every Homeowner Needs: Level

How do you know that the picture you’re hanging is level? A bubble or laser level will provide accurate information about the angle of surfaces when you’re building or hanging art. These must-have tools often come in tool kits, and they’re a great way to make sure projects like a photo gallery wall turn out perfectly.

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